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What Is & How to Create a Shopify Development Store?

What Is & How to Create a Shopify Development Store?

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·Jan 11, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • How do Shopify developer stores work?
  • How to set up a development store on Shopify

How do Shopify developer stores work?

A Shopify account with a development store gives you the ability to test any themes or applications you create or create a store for a customer. You can utilize your Partner Dashboard to access any number of development stores as a Shopify Partner. They have no time restrictions, are free, and offer many of the same features as the Advanced Shopify plan. It is also possible to process an endless number of test transactions. But you cannot: till you use a paid schedule.

Place paid applications on your device (except for Partner-friendly apps). Create more than 10 private applications. It's critical to keep in mind that creating a development shop is a requirement for earning a recurring income share from any merchant you recommend. Visit Shopify's revenue sharing to learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner.

How to set up a development store on Shopify

You are able to test, create, and find as many development stores as you'd want when you have access to limitless trial periods.

To create a development store, follow these steps:


Click "Stores" in your Shopify Partner Dashboard in step one.

Step 2: Select "Add store" from the Stores page's menu.

Step 3: Select "Development store" as the type of your business.

Step 4: Click "Save" after you're finished.

Once it has been created, you can access your new development store by logging in via the Stores page of your Partner Dashboard. You can now start producing since you know how to set up a development shop.

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