Test Shopify orders using the REST Admin API for Shopify

Test Shopify orders using the REST Admin API for Shopify

It is necessary to make a test order from the storefront before setting up your store or after you've changed your checkout settings. You can ensure that everything goes according to your plan by doing this. You can learn more about your consumers' shopping habits.

As a result, you should learn how to use the REST Admin API to test Shopify orders. We'll give you a step-by-step manual to assist you in doing that. Let's begin straight away!

Making a Shopify order is the first step. Sending a POST request to the Order resource initiates the process of creating an order with an authorisation transaction. You'll be able to test orders by doing this.

Obtaining a transaction ID is step two.

An ID will be present in the returned Order object once the order has been made. The order ID can then be used to retrieve the transaction and its ID.

Third step: recording the transaction

Now that you have returned the transaction, you can use its ID to create a capture transaction to collect money.

Confirming the test order in step four

You can move on to the last stage if you successfully complete the first three easy steps: Verify the test sequence. You can retrieve the order to verify that it is in test mode. If the order is a test order, the response will have the test attribute set to true.

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