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How to make the store show more related products to users? The secret behind successful stores don't want you to know?

How to make the store show more related products to users? The secret behind successful stores don't want you to know?

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·Feb 8, 2023·

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When a customer visits an e-commerce store, they often look for related products to go along with the item they are interested in purchasing. If a customer can't find many related products that match their needs and preferences, it can lead to frustration and disappointment. This can cause them to leave the store and look for alternatives, potentially causing the store to lose a sale. A lack of related products can also make the shopping experience feel incomplete and disorganized, which can negatively impact the customer's perception of the store as a whole. To ensure a positive and productive shopping experience, it's important for an e-commerce store to have a robust and user-friendly system for suggesting related products.

And Magento 2 auto related products is the solution to those inadequacies.

What problems did your store have before using Magento 2 auto related products?

  1. Difficulty in displaying related products: Showing related products on a product page can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting the right products to display.

  2. Limited product recommendations: By default, Magento only displays a limited number of related products, which may not be sufficient for many stores.

  3. Inconsistent product recommendations: Magento's default related product algorithm may not be effective in providing relevant recommendations to customers, leading to inconsistent recommendations.

After using Magento 2 auto related products, what will your store improve?

  1. Increased Product Discoverability: The extension will automatically recommend related products to customers, increasing the chances that they will discover additional products they might be interested in.

  2. Improved Customer Experience: By providing relevant related products to customers, the extension will enhance their shopping experience and increase the likelihood that they will make additional purchases.

  3. Increased Sales and Average Order Value: By showcasing related products, the extension will help drive up sales and increase the average order value of your store.

  4. Easy Customization: The extension provides flexible and easy-to-use customization options to match your store's branding and design, making it easier to optimize the related product display for your customers.

  5. Enhanced Reporting: The extension will provide detailed reporting on related product performance, enabling store owners to make data-driven decisions and optimize related product recommendations over time.

How to install Magento 2 auto related products for your e-commerce store?

To install Magento 2 auto related products, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 backend

  2. Go to the System menu and click on the Web Setup Wizard option

  3. From the Web Setup Wizard page, choose the Extension Manager option

  4. Click on the Upload button, then select the extension package you have already downloaded from the Mageplaza website

  5. Wait for the upload process to complete, then hit the Refresh button

  6. Go back to the Web Setup Wizard page, select the Component Manager option and then hit the Refresh button

  7. Wait for the process to complete, then log out and log back in to your backend

  8. Go to the Products section, choose a product and then go to the Related Products tab, where you can see the auto related products option

  9. Configure the settings as per your needs and then save the configuration

After following these steps, your Magento 2 store will have the auto related products feature installed and ready to use.

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