19+ Checklist for Shopify Store Launch

19+ Checklist Before Launching Shopify Store

It's wonderful to have your Shopify eCommerce website ready for launch after all of your hard work. But I think it can be a little discouraging to be aware of how much work is left to be done. When launching an eCommerce website quickly, things can get more messy. You need to be ready to complete everything as soon as you can while avoiding as many mistakes as you can. This will contribute to the success of your online store.

Any aspirant business owner who opens their first internet store has success as their primary objective. However, things aren't always as simple as they first appear, and you need to fix a few issues before launching your website.

In light of everything mentioned above, I have created a list of Shopify setup checklists that you ought to review before launching your Shopify website. Let's now go into the specifics.


19+ Checklist Before Launching Shopify Store

  • The ultimate checklist to go through before launching Shopify website
  • Pay attention to what your website visitors see first
  • Add your brand domain
  • Check grammar errors
  • Set up support pages
  • Set up your tax and shipping settings
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Optimize all images for fast loading speed
  • Come up with a pre-launch marketing plan
  • Integrate with third-party sales channels
  • Make sure your customers can contact you easily
  • Respond to your customers’ emails
  • Set up your live chat
  • Double-check your email notifications
  • Set up relevant homepage meta title & description
  • Set up your billing information
  • Provide all of your contact information
  • Be present on social media
  • Become a customer

Final word

You're done with the necessary things now, but make sure things go perfectly. Remember, the ideal start is considered to be "the mission is half completed." Don't rush things, give the right time to understand things, and integrate everything you need to keep the website smooth and perform better. I hope the checklist in this article will help you launch a successful Shopify store. Please feel free to leave a comment below for further discussion. :-)

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